Web Project Mechanics

Web Project Mechanics is a web platform developed by Project Mechanics for small organisations to create web sites. It is designed as a basic web content management systems.

Web Project Mechanics is hosted at CodePlex.com

Web Project Mechanics (WPM) is a Dot.Net based Web Content Management system developed written in VB.Net using an access database. It is developed using vb.net. This project came about after I created many website for various companies and individuals. The goal was a system that would quickly create a website and maintain it over time without have to touch the file system.

The project appraoch is a tool to generate complete HTML pages from a database. WPM uses templates and in line tags as a way to separate content and presentation.  The presentation template is stored as marked up HTML in the database allowing for customization via a web interface.  The goal was to create a site that could be handed over to a non-technical user to maintain.

WPM is currently being used by over 100 web sites.