Test Drive of Yahoo meme service

 I was able to get an invite to the new Yahoo meme service. Thanks to GeorgeDearing for the invite. For a detailed breakdown of the service I reccomend goiing to ReadWriteWeb for thier excellent review.   Here are a few of my early thoughts after a small amount of time with meme:

  1. Isn't Yahoo a little late to the party on this?  Seems like the micro-blogging attention is between Facebook and Twitter, with Facebook now in posissen of my favorite micro-bloggint tool FrieldFeed. 
  2. When do we get back to usability over coolness.  Web application should not be like playing a game of Mist, "Hmmm.  I wonder what this does?"
  3. One big win for meme over twitter is the better linking of posts/replies.  I have always wanted more of a threaded discussion so I can follow a converstaion more easily.   Nice to have that ability when I want it. 


Saturday, September 27, 2008 11:36 PM

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