Project Orientation List

Every project should have a place (physical binder, web site, word document, whatever) which contains all the information about the project. Not every item on this list is relevant for every project, but you as a project manager must make a conscious decision NOT to include it, just the process of evaluating the list can raise some issues about the project.   While the primary purpose of this is to give new resouces and orientation to the project, it also serves as a valuable checklist for the project manager.

Areas of Orientation


Project Familiarization

Copy of the Original Request for Proposal

RFP, this is usually gives you the WHY of the project, why this project, why now, what was the problem that this project was created to solve.

Copy of the Original Proposal

Proposal.  This is genearlly what you are obligated to deliver for the project. 

Copy of the Signed Project Proposal

Project Proposal, this is a CYA for you, when in doubt about if something is in scope or not, check the signed project documents and any subsequent change requests.

Project Job Number(s)

Job Numbers, how is this proejct tracked.  These are usually accounting numbers, but could also tie to a project tracking system as well.

Project Team Organization Chart

Organization Chart of all parties involved in the project.

Company Organization Chart

Organization Chart of the company that is paying for the project.

Company Annual Report (or suitable alternative)

Having a concise document that explains what the company does is important.  Ideally, you would have a document that ties the companies business and the project.


As produced/appropriate

Access Forms

Copies of all client authorization/access forms


Where are project supplies

Where are people located

Floor Plan

Where are restrooms

Floor Plan

Where are vending machines

Floor Plan

Where are lunch locations

Floor Plan, Area Map

Where are dinner locations

Floor Plan, Area Map


Telephone Instructions

Dial 7,8,9 for outside line, LD Calling Procedures

Voice Mail Instructions

How to pick up messages, change passwords, retrieval of messages when out of the office

Phone List

Clients, Consultants, FAX, remote access #'s

Workstation Setup

Login Id / Password

Either provide to new staff or give form.

Server name(s)

File, Print, Database

Directory Structures

Directory Structure Printout

Printer Location(s)

What printers to use when

E-Mail Access

Which server to use

GroupWare Databases in use

Which databases are being employed and how they are used

Development Tool Configuration

What tools are being used and how they are installed/configured.

Project Standards


Variables, files, tables, stored procedures, etc.

GUI Design

Interface design

Database Design

Schema and data dictionary

Program Design

Programming templates and design documentation standards

Project Control Procedures

Time Reporting

When is due, to whom, and is project tracking software in use

Status Reporting

When due, what needs to be included, to whom are they sent

Project Work Hours

What are the standard project working hours

Meeting Minutes

Where are these to be stored and in what format

Version Control (Source Code, etc.)

What version control software is in use and how is it being used

Escalation Procedures

Who would be called for what problems, technical, scope, etc.

Issue Tracking/Resolution

How are issues tracked and resolved. (scope, design, mgmt, etc.)


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