Project Initiation Checklist
Project Initiation Checklist
Items Needed Forms Required or Location
Work Area
Office/Conference Rooms Floor Plan, Office Space Allocation Request From
Copy Room Floor Plan
Rest Rooms Floor Plan
Chairs Equipment Requisition
Desks Equipment Requisition
Building Access - Normal Hours Building Access Authorization Form, Keys, Access Cards
Building Access - Weekends/After Hours Building Access Authorization Form, Keys, Access Cards
Parking Cards, Stamps, etc.  
Phone Number List Client Phone List
Client Staff Identified and Confirmed Staffing Request Form
Internal Staff Requested Confirmed Staffing Request Form
Training Needs Identified Training Request Form
Training Scheduling  Training Request Form, Travel??
Telephones Telephone Line Authorization Form
Voice Mail Voice Mail Authorization Form
Pagers/Cell Phones Pager/Cell Phone Request Form
Fax Fax Line Authorization Form
Hardware & Software
Workstation, Monitor, Keyboard, etc. Computer Request From
Back-up HW & SW Computer Request From
Hardware Installation Computer Request From
Specific Project Software Computer Request From
Office Productivity Software Computer Request From
Project Server of Project Disk Space Network Access Authorization Form
Network Login Network Access Authorization Form
Database Access Network Access Authorization Form
E-Mail/Groupware Network Access Authorization Form
Internet Access Network Access Authorization Form
Printer Access Need the Print Queue name.
Office Supplies
Paper - Copies, Printers Office Supplies Requisition
Writing Tablets Office Supplies Requisition
Binders Office Supplies Requisition
Post-it Pads Office Supplies Requisition
Paper Clips Office Supplies Requisition
Binder Clips Office Supplies Requisition
Staplers Office Supplies Requisition
3-Hole Punch Office Supplies Requisition
2-Hole Punch Office Supplies Requisition
Tape Dispensers Office Supplies Requisition
Markers Office Supplies Requisition
File Folders Office Supplies Requisition
Hanging Folders Office Supplies Requisition
Pens Office Supplies Requisition
Stationary Obtain from Home Office
Out of Town Accommodations
Airline Tickets Travel Request Form
Out of Town Housing Travel Request Form
Rental Cars Travel Request Form
Per Diems See US DoS guidelines
Apartment Setup Packages Travel Request Form
Long Distance Calling Corporate Calling Policy

Friday, April 30, 2010 12:00 AM

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