Handysoft BizFlow
BizFlow capabilities range from simple market positioning to features that incorporate a high degree of domain-specific knowledge. Of particular note are the accounts payable, Sarbanes-Oxley, Six Sigma and governmental functions.

BizFlow is a full-featured business process management system from HandySoft, a focused BPM product supplier. BizFlow excels in environments where exceptions or disturbances to normal processes must be handled quickly and seamlessly, it includes well thought-out capabilities for operation and modification of business processes on an ongoing basis.

BizFlow is a stand-alone BPM product and, unlike many products in this space, is not positioned as a suite of applications. All of the expected interfaces and functions of a full BPM system are included as part of the BizFlow product.

BizFlow is built on cross-platform technology, so customers can run the system on a variety of hardware and operating systems.

Recently the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) deployed HandySoft’s award-winning BPM platform BizFlow® as a part of its department-wide E-Grants initiative. The DOL is leveraging BizFlow to streamline and automate its annual grant application funds process with the goal of reducing grant turn-around time by 20 percent.

Workflow Client

The workflow client is an integrated, graphical-design environment typical of focused BPM products. It is easy to use, and the interface is adequately designed to allow process modeling without programming. The workflow client also provides process auditing.

The manual client interface is browser-based, providing the maintenance and support benefits of such designs. The manual-interface screens require custom development with an easy-to-use, automated forms application.

The manual-client interface includes ad-hoc routing, making it easy for managers to access and control processes that require decisions about routing flow or resource assignments. This is particularly important for businesses that need to make operational decisions in a dynamic working environment.

Automation Interface

The automation interface is solid, with support for custom integration and a healthy set of application-specific adapters ready for plug-and-play integration to selected ERP, EAI and document-management systems.

BizFlow has some excellent integration capabilities which encapsulate domain knowledge to reduce time and effort when implementing specific business-process scenarios. They range from simple market positioning capabilities to features that incorporate a high degree of domain-specific knowledge and automation.

Of particular note are the accounts payable, Sarbanes-Oxley, Six Sigma and governmental functions. They have real depth and provide substantial value to customers who need to implement these process flows in their BPM systems.

Reporting and Analysis

The reporting interface is browser-based, like the manual interface, with the same I.T. benefits. An excellent set of reports and data views, called "BizCove Monitors," is available.

These reports, coupled with BizCove Filters for fine-tuning the information view to specific needs, make it obvious that HandySoft has a clear understanding of reporting and analysis requirements. These tools meet those needs "out of the box" better than most BPM products.

Solid Technology

BizFlow's technology is solid and extensible, easily qualifying as a dependable, enterprise-class product.

HandySoft, headquartered in Vienna, Virginia, is a global BPM supplier with a substantial client list and an aggressive growth strategy.